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6/28/2022 6:42 PM


Animal Success Stories
home sweet home

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He will have a canine corgi/chihuahua mix brother and his new family was very excited to take him home. His previous foster came to see him off. He is a very lucky boy to have all these folks caring for him.

Basil Spice

Basil Spice went to his new home this afternoon. For those of you who also cover the TARA house it was the same adopter who adopted Thyme and Oregano about a month ago. So he is going home to his buddies!! He had seen him at PetSmart and decided he wanted to keep them together


Thank you. She is settling in nicely and really loves to play.


First message: Ewan is adjusting to the room, we have been trying to give him his space while he figures out everything. Hes still very shy but he hasnt really been hiding too much, only a little whenever we go in there. Sarah will be here all day tomorrow so hopefully he will start warming up just a bit once he feels more comfortable. He has been enjoying sitting on the ledge and looking at the window. We are so happy we were able to adopt and will send pictures once he feels more at home. Second message : Right after sending the email, Sarah went in to check in and turn on a lamp for him and he has done a complete 180. He has been so friendly, playing with the toys, chirping. He has come up to us asking for pets and chirping every time in response to our cats on the other side of the door. Just wanted to give another quick update since he has gotten so much more comfortable here.


Were settled in! He really likes the window.

Click a letter to find an animal or view all.
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