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3/3/2021 8:32 AM


Animal Success Stories
home sweet home

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Good morning! Things are going great! He is an awesome addition to our family. So calm and relaxed it's like he's been with us for years! He's patient with the girls as well. Luna is starting to warm up, still hesitant but getting better day by day. A lot less teeth showing and more sniffing. Thanks for checking in and a couple pictures for you!


I wasnt sure if I have ever sent an update to you guys, but 3 years ago we rescued Blondie from TARA. She was SUPER skittish and we werent sure if we could handle her. She peed on my husbands shoe the first time she met us. It took a good 6 months for her to let him near her, but that is VERY old news... we rescued the black Staffordshire in the pic 3 months later and they have been best friends ever since! Just thought I would send a couple pics. Happy New Year!

Sally Jean

Good morning, Virginia. I wanted to give you an update on Sally Jean. SHE IS ADORABLE and A PERFECT FIT!!! In addition to being so sweet, she really amps up during playtime but she respects when it is appropriate. She is so smart and is a quick learner. She has mastered several basic commands and a couple of tricks already. We got her a 50 foot lead to play in the backyard and, of course, we go on long walks. To confirm, we are keeping her!

Papa Harry

Papa is settling in at his new home!

Mama Honeysuckle

Hello there! As promised, I wanted to send some pics and recap with you on Ms. Mama aka Honey. She hasnt told us what she wants as her name, so we are still testing things out. She reminds us of a kind hippo (and of course, the Christmas song!), so we were leaning at Hilda (from Mickey Mouses Clubhouse) or Gloria (from Madagascar). My daughter still enjoys Honey, so we will probably stick with that. She is fitting in very nicely. I think she was a little bored today since the cats just slept all day, my daughter was in school (in the basement) and I was working (from home, right next to her). Shell find her rhythm, I am not worried about that. We are walking her too, twice a day. We have a coat for her to wear, but she doesnt seem to mind the cold. The only issue is she wont go in her kennel, and really, who could blame her? She has tasted freedom and wants to sleep in the comfort of a kind size bed (with an electric blanket). We are leaving the door open, so maybe one day she can see how it isnt so bad. She is so wonderful. Seriously, so wonderful. To rescue an animal is to really truly be rescued by them. Ill continue to keep you updated on her and her progress.

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