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Penelope, also affectionately known as "Penny", suddenly went to Rainbow Bridge. Penelope was a puppy mill survivor and spent years being bred over and over. She was rescued by T.A.R.A. in 2011, but her heart was rescued in 2012 by her fosters who adopted her, made her part of their family, and loved her unconditionally. From her adoptive mom: "Its with a heavy heart - Penelope gained her angel wings. She left me at 5.30 this morning. My heart is broken into a thousand pieces and I don't know how I can live without that snout to snuggle. I love you Penelope from the first day you were in my home, your love and tenacity, your forgiveness and your strength make me a better person for knowing you. God speed angel...love your Mum x" Penelope 05/30/2005-08/04/14

Porthos (May 2010- September 10, 2010) Porthos came into my life on a sweltering hot day in July when Tracey and I went to Halfway Home to save some of the urgent dogs from living in stifling heat caused by a power outage that day and maybe possible euthanization because of the perpetual overcrowded conditions the shelter always endures. I walked up on a kennel filled with three totally different looking brothers that had been named after the Three Muskateers and were just a little shy of 12 weeks old. What a band of ruffians they were. Tracey kept inticing me....."Look how sweet they are, Sherrie....how cute.....come on, you know you want to save them." How many times I have heard those words from my various trouble-maker rescue girlfriends! Against my better judgement (at that fleeting moment), I caved in and agreed they would be my next group of fur kids. How lucky and blessed I was for not listening to the voice inside me that doubted these babies would be easy to adopt out, because of the chow mix designation HH had hit them with. Little did I know..... Long story, short....Athos was adopted within 10 days; Aramis within 6 weeks. They were all lovely in their own right, had their own distinctive personalities that glowed even with them all suffering through kennel cough. But something about Porthos that just radiated brightly and drew me in. He was placid and loving and simple....simply beautiful, really. I instantly knew he would be the one that it would hurt the most to see adopted out to a wonderful person or family through our group. That, unfortunately, though, was not to be. My Porthos not only suffered through kennel cough, but then battled pneumonia and finally succumbed to a secondary condition of some form of Connective Tissue Disorder, despite all of TARA's best efforts to seek treatment and healing for him. He truly was too good, too pure for this sometimes hard, cruel and cold world. But I was given the glorious gift of caring for and loving this exquisite boy for 7 long, hard, yet, beautiful weeks. He will forever be in my heart, and will be the force that drives me to continue this sometimes difficult, yet life-saving rescue work for the voiceless, the helpless, the ones that need us so. So sleep well, my beautiful Prince.....I will forever remember you and cannot wait until we are reunited forever. What a fabulous day that will be....until then, my Port boy..... Fly Fly, fly little one Fly beyond imagining The softest cloud, the whitest dove Upon the wind of Heaven's love Past the planets and the stars Leave this lonely world of ours Escape the sorrow and the pain And fly again Fly, fly precious one Your endless journey has begun Take your gentle happiness Far too beautiful for this Cross over to the other shore There is peace forevermore Hold this mem'ry bittersweet Until we meet Fly, fly do not fear Don't waste a breath, don't shed a tear Your heart is pure, your soul is free Be on your way, don't wait for me Above the universe you'll climb On beyond the hands of time The moon will rise, the sun will set But I won't forget Fly, fly little wing Fly where only angels sing Fly away, the time is right Go now, find the light... ~ lyrics to Fly, performed by Celine Dion ~

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