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On December 11th, 2017 the Rainbow Bridge gained an Ambassador named Artie. He was my buddy and TARA foster failure. The Bridge gained a huge personality, let me tell you. To Artie, I say; tell them your story! Tell them how you ran the streets until someone decided to feed you. Tell them, on the second day, that you ran in the house and refused to get off the couch. Tell them that you then went to this thing called rescue. Tell them that you were lucky enough to get a foster family and did not have to live in the kennel environment. Tell them how you jumped the ex-pen and scratched at the door until they couldn’t resist and let you in. Tell them how they called you the “best dog ever”, even though you marked everywhere and decorated the house with toilet paper. Tell them that you are called the “Ambassador” because you never knew a stranger. Empathize with the ones that never were allowed to have a family. As you sit at the Bridge and wait for us, Artie, comfort those who were not so lucky. Reach out to the 5,000 animals that show up every day that were never given a chance. Let those know who never had the opportunity to have a forever home that they too, will cross the bridge. They just have to wait for an animal rescuer to cross with them.. Until we meet again Artie, you are missed. Love, Dad and Mom (Mark and Sherrie)

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